Welcome to the new world of work. To thrive, we need to be WorkFit. But to become WorkFit, we need to cultivate a different set of skills and unlearn many of the poor productivity habits we inherited before technology ruled our lives.

WorkFit will:
  • Help you understand productivity and why it has nothing to do with hours worked. Learn about chronobiology, why you should avoid multi-tasking, simple strategies to minimise distractions and reduce time wasted on excessive email and meetings
  • Teach you to have laser-focus attention
  • Be ready for Performance Moments (what really matters) and know how to alter physical and psychological state to achieve more flow moments
  • Future-proof your career. Learn what you need to do to stay relevant, employable and ahead of the curve
For teams and organisations who:
  • Are impacted by technology, outsourcing or transformation
  • Feel overwhelmed by change
  • Need to increase focus and productivity

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