Switched On Selling

Switched on selling

Switched-On Selling focuses on high performance habits that are just as important as sales technique and product knowledge. Based on the Science of Human Performance, it is a proven curriculum that focuses on optimal performance of the mind, body and environment, establishing rituals and routines that position sales professionals for optimal success.

Switched on Selling will:
  • Show you how to shift state (using the body and brain) and to get into the optimal performance zone every time you’re in front of a client
  • Learn to avoid the sales rollercoaster with strategies to sustain performance throughout the year
  • Offer natural tips and mood foods to get you through the mid-afternoon slump
  • Learn how your thoughts reflect in everything you feel, say and do from the very moment you step into the sales presentation
  • 7 activities to do every morning to set yourself up for success
  • Learn how to project a world class brand that promotes you and your business the moment you walk through the door
  • Develop skills to leverage performance psychology to cultivate grit and build psychological resilience
For Sales professionals:
  • Who already have the basic sales and communication skills and want to raise the bar higher and lift their performance.
  • Ideal for a sales conference, it can be presented as a high-energy 60 to 90-minute keynote or as a half-day workshop.

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