To strive is to make great effort to achieve a goal; to embrace change and step out of your comfort zone. It is about persevering in the face of rejection and struggling to overcome an obstacle And it’s the ‘struggle’ inherent in striving that creates a sense of pride, building new capabilities and creating new opportunities.The bad news: Ultimate happiness and fulfillment don’t come easy. The good news: With passion and perseverance, a growth mindset, and a dose of gratitude and perspective, we can get there. The even better news? Andrew has a proven methodology to help you get there – and it can be learned.

Strive will:
  • Show you how our biggest growth comes after our greatest challenges and pain. Life is not always easy. Learn to reframe negative events and see the opportunity to learn and adapt.
  • Help connect you to your purpose. So you can discover what is truly meaningful in your personal and professional life
  • Support leaders and managers to create a resilient culture. So you can thrive in complex and ever-changing situations
For teams and organisations who are:
  • Experiencing turbulent times
  • Under external pressure (reforms, commissions, compliance, takeovers and acquisitions)
  • Undergoing business transformation and disruption.

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