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Andrew has spoken around the globe at events ranging from public and corporate events, to leadership retreats, to industry and innovation symposiums. From the opening keynote address – setting the tone and igniting the crowd – to panels, workshops and intimate gatherings, let Andrew inspire and inform your audience on how to achieve their personal and professional best.

Andrew’s entertaining keynotes can be tailored to suit your specific audience or industry.

Workshops with Keynote

‘Powerful, insightful, highly practical’ are words regularly used to describe Andrew’s workshops. Extend the impact of Andrew’s keynote by adding one of his popular workshops, covering a broad range of topics.

Conference Experience

Partner with Andrew and his team to turbo-charge your next event. Embed learning and inspire lasting change with pre-event diagnostics, healthy food, energy/brain breaks, morning wake-up sessions, books and online resources.

Change is constant in today’s high-pressure work environment, so it’s more important than ever that we strive to work, play and compete at a consistently high level. In other words, we need to be MatchFit.  
Derived from competitive sport, the term MatchFit means performing consistently over time and showing up for the key Performance Moments in our lives. It means we make better decisions, work smarter, slow down the ageing process and have more energy to engage in all parts of life.

MatchFit will:

  • Help you determine how MatchFit you are right now
    By understanding your current score via key metrics on the MatchFit Calculator
  • Show you how to manage your physical and psychological health 
    Support your body and brain to flourish now and in decades to come
  • Provide specific tools to help you work, live and play smarter
    So you can exercise smarter, manage stress, build joy into your life and ultimately reach peak performance

This program is for anyone who is interested in:

  • Improving physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Implementing strategic recover principles to boost productivity, creativity and brain function
  • Tapping the fountain of youth, healthy ageing and achieving enhanced performance
To strive is to make great effort to achieve a goal; to embrace change and step out of your comfort zone. It is about persevering in the face of rejection and struggling to overcome an obstacle And it’s the ‘struggle’ inherent in striving that creates a sense of pride, building new capabilities and creating new opportunities.
The bad news: Ultimate happiness and fulfillment don’t come easy. The good news: With passion and perseverance, a growth mindset, and a dose of gratitude and perspective, we can get there. The even better news? Andrew has a proven methodology to help you get there - and it can be learned.

Strive will:

  • Show you how our biggest growth comes after our greatest challenges and pain. Life is not always easy. Learn to reframe negative events and see the opportunity to learn and adapt.
  • Help connect you to your purpose. So you can discover what is truly meaningful in your personal and professional life
  • Support leaders and managers to create a resilient culture. So you can thrive in complex and ever-changing situations

For teams and organisations who are:

  • Experiencing turbulent times
  • Under external pressure (reforms, commissions, compliance, takeovers and acquisitions)
  • Undergoing business transformation and disruption.

Welcome to the new world of work. To thrive, we need to be WorkFit. But to become WorkFit, we need to cultivate a different set of skills and unlearn many of the poor productivity habits we inherited before technology ruled our lives.

WorkFit will:

  • Help you understand productivity and why it has nothing to do with hours worked. Learn about chronobiology, why you should avoid multi-tasking, simple strategies to minimise distractions and reduce time wasted on excessive email and meetings
  • Teach you to have laser-focus attention
  • Be ready for Performance Moments (what really matters) and know how to alter physical and psychological state to achieve more flow moments
  • Future-proof your career. Learn what you need to do to stay relevant, employable and ahead of the curve

For teams and organisations who:

  • Are impacted by technology, outsourcing or transformation
  • Feel overwhelmed by change
  • Need to increase focus and productivity
Naturally High
Naturally High is a distillation of the best advice I can provide people to feel better, look better and live better. Hippocrates and Greek philosophers intuitively new that a healthy body is the catalyst to a healthy brain. It has taken scientists thousands of years to catch up and realise that our best chance of thriving involves nurturing a healthy body and brain, not artificial stimulants or external agents.
With adrenalin/dopamine addictions at an all-time high, we need tools to manage the artificial rush that has become a daily expectation. Harness the science of human performance and neuroscience to manage the 37 trillion cells in the human body and alter your mood and psychological state, the natural way.

Naturally High will:

  • Help you understand if you are addicted to short-term bursts of dopamine
  • Learn about modern malaises (addiction to sugar, technology, drugs and alcohol, capital) and how to manage them
  • Teach you how to tap into the fountain of youth
  • Through improving sleep/strategic recovery, nutrition, resistance training to boost hormone levels, and learn the latest advances in science
  • Show you how to feel better and change your internal pharmacy
  • Using nature, laughter and play, physical activity, and connection.

This program is for teams at offsites who:

  • Want to feel energised and inspired 
  • Need a circuit-breaker among other industry-specific topics
  • Are feeling overloaded, fatigued and flat
Exceptional leadership isn’t about your intelligence, charisma or years of experience. And it is not a title on your business card or on the bottom of your email signature. Exceptional leadership is striking a blend between leadership capacity (managing time, energy and attention) and leadership capability (skills).
LeaderFit focuses on building leadership capacity and how this enhances wellbeing, brain function, decision making, emotional regulation, creativity and innovation.

Leaderfit will:

  • Show you how your body and brain are interconnected. You are not simply a head on top of a body. Physical wellbeing has a dramatic impact on mood regulation, brain function, information processing, decision making, emotional regulation, creativity and innovation.
  • Can improve your attention, information processing and executive functioning
  • Emphasis the need for proper rest and restoration
  • Avoid burnout and increase fulfillment and connectivity in life
  • Provide you with a clear leadership vision
  • Strategies to help you foster the best connection with your team

For leaders and executive teams who:

  • Are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of their leadership team
  • Need to build or sustain a high-performance culture 
  • Want to practice what they preach
The Healthy Entrepreneur

The performance of your venture will directly correlate with the performance of your physical and mental state. Burnout, depression, failure are more common outcomes than success.  Andrew is uniquely positioned as an entrepreneur and high-performance coach to help Enterpreneurs achieve long-term sustainable advantage and realise their ambitions. 


Entrepreneurs and High Growth Executives.

You Will learn:

  • How to be realistic about the mental and physical toll of leading a start-up/small business
  • Reframe stress from being negative into what performance psychologists call a ‘force multiplier’
  • Simple strategies to switch off and recharge your autonomic nervous system (making recovery a strategic advantage rather than a perceived luxury)
  • Control distractions, take control of email and information overload and carve out time to think, reflect and create
  • How to access the latest advancements in Performance Psychology to increase attention, enhance presence (and control the sometimes-destructive inner voice inside our heads
  • Build extra capacity (time, energy and attention) to free up valuable time to think, plan, create and innovate
  • Follow a proven methodology to embed a culture pf physical and psychological wellbeing



Half to full day workshop tailored to your organisation. Click here to request more information (click to form), or, join a group workshop – click here for next available dates (link to form or calendar)

Innovation Bootcamp

Real innovation comes from carving out time to think, to reflect, to truly connect. Slow down and disconnect (from email, social media & back-to-back meetings) and tap into the power of cultivating free space to think, to reflect, to innovate. Agility, creativity and foresight are essential skills for leaders and progressive teams to future-proof their businesses.

Innovation Bootcamp will:

  • Learn how your brain is the most amazing innovation lab you will ever have
  • The importance of loneliness and boredom to stimulate innovation
  • Where innovation really happens (hit: its not Hackathons and Innovation Labs)
  • How to connect Purpose and Innovation
  • How to get the best out of design thinking by blending it with state management
  • Proven working strategies to engender creativity and innovation
  • How to synchronise your heart and brain to change state and enhance the likelihood of getting into flow
  • How to avoid the culture and mindset traps that will set any organisation on a collision course with obsolescence  

This program is for:

  • Leadership teams
  • Teams involved in the innovation process


What others say:

“Andrew, I just finished meeting with our senior management team. Feedback was hugely and universally positive about your Innovation Bootcamp, so many thanks. From the moment you charged our bodies and brains with the morning Wake Up; to your ability to link innovation to vitality, mindset and organisational culture; through to the group facilitation (using nature) to build accountability; to the follow up resources and copies of your book post-session; you fostered a truly ‘innovative’ experience for the Tandem senior leadership team.

For me, the highlight of the Innovation Bootcamp saw the energy and ideas flow, kind of like real life ‘lightbulb moments’. I would highly recommend Andrew’s Innovation Bootcamp to any business looking for a competitive advantage.”

Michael Davey, General Manager, Tandem.

Switched on selling

Switched-On Selling focuses on high performance habits that are just as important as sales technique and product knowledge. Based on the Science of Human Performance, it is a proven curriculum that focuses on optimal performance of the mind, body and environment, establishing rituals and routines that position sales professionals for optimal success.

Switched on Selling will:

  • Show you how to shift state (using the body and brain) and to get into the optimal performance zone every time you’re in front of a client
  • Learn to avoid the sales rollercoaster with strategies to sustain performance throughout the year
  • Offer natural tips and mood foods to get you through the mid-afternoon slump
  • Learn how your thoughts reflect in everything you feel, say and do from the very moment you step into the sales presentation
  • 7 activities to do every morning to set yourself up for success
  • Learn how to project a world class brand that promotes you and your business the moment you walk through the door
  • Develop skills to leverage performance psychology to cultivate grit and build psychological resilience

For Sales professionals:

  • Who already have the basic sales and communication skills and want to raise the bar higher and lift their performance.
  • Ideal for a sales conference, it can be presented as a high-energy 60 to 90-minute keynote or as a half-day workshop.
“Andrew May is one of the best speakers I have seen on the circuit, blending science and rigour with personal experience and fun. Truly a class act”.
Nick Hawkins, IAG
“Andrew is one of the most versatile speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. We can position him in front of executives, diverse multicultural audiences, millennials and the toughest of crowds. He delivers every-single-time”.
NSW Chairman, KPMG

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