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Keystone Habits is a cultural change program that focuses on the key habits and behaviours that trigger wide-spread change and influence how people in the organisation work and live. Keystone Habits start a process, which over-time, changes everything. They shift, dislodge and remake other patterns. 

Company-wide programs can be targeted at individuals and teams to:
  • Enhance wellbeing
  • Create and embed Keystone Habits
  • Embed with company-specific training curriculum
  • Align with your high potential leadership development programs
  • Embed in all company events and offsites
  • Build a tailored learning curriculum across your organisation, tailored to the needs of specific leaders, team managers and workers

This program includes a structured approach where we first undertake a Wellbeing Audit to assess what you are currently doing, clarify goals and program metrics; then we work out a communications strategy to link the program to your business/people strategy; followed by program launch and a range of assessments/metrics used to establish baseline data; then a tailored program for all three levels of the organisation (executive, middle manager, broader team); options for licensing model and internal train-the-trainer delivery.

Keystone Habits is for organisations who:
  • Are serious about minimising stress/mental health claims and supporting employees to flourish
  • Want to achieve a major breakthrough in employee engagement
  • Want to attain, or keep, Employer of Choice status
  • Believe physical and psychological wellbeing is a fundamental part of their organisation’s fabric
  • Show they truly care about their employees as people

Keystone Habits is a highly tailored program and the investment is dependent on program design.  An initial Wellbeing Audit and program design starts at $30,000 + GST

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