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The Team – Performance Intelligence (PQ)

PQ Leadership program is a guaranteed* way to create alignment, mutual accountability, shared learning and enhanced trust. Build individual performance as a foundation, then focus on the team. Andrew will equip your leaders to develop leadership capacity (managing time, energy and attention) and leadership capability (skills). Leadership has never been more challenging.What used to be the exception is now the rule with faster turn-around time; increased customer and organisational expectations; constant threat of disruption; digital transformation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence; constant connectivity and a truly global marketplace. Add to that, consumer trust is at an all-time low. Agility, innovation, foresight and the ability to navigate ambiguity are essential skills for leaders and progressive teams. Leaders need a different skill set. Leaders need PQ.

PQ, the next ‘big thing’ in human performance, is the culmination of:

MatchFit: stimulating your body and brain to be in peak shape for the challenges of work and life.

WorkFit: minimising distractions and freeing up your diary, managing time and attention, future-proofing your career/organisation.

LeaderFit: focusing on what it takes to lead others.

Guaranteed Results* – 1, 3, 6, 20, 25 and Glue

PQ Leadership program guarantees the following results:

  • 1 hour less stress per day
  • 3 years younger (Bioage)
  • 6 hours extra capacity each week
  • 20% increase in energy
  • 25% increase in life satisfaction
  • Glue = enhanced teamwork, camaraderie and engagement

*Requires program to be leader-led and 80% participation

PQ is for leaders/executives who:
  • Need to build or sustain a high-performance culture
  • Are committed to enhancing the physical and psychological wellbeing of their team
  • Want to establish trust as the bedrock of their organisation
  • Want to improve their team’s mood regulation, brain function, information processing, decision making, emotional regulation, creativity and innovation
  • Are committed to sustaining performance, avoiding burnout, and at the same time showing they really care about their team

PQ is a 12-month curriculum that involves a 3-month intensive, then a 9-month accountability structure.  Programs start @ $65,000 + GST.

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