"I'm driven to unlock the full potential of leaders and their teams".

‘Leadership is defined as a process of social influence which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal’.

Exceptional leaders strike a blend between leadership capacity (managing time, energy and attention) and leadership capability (skills). 

It isn’t about intelligence, charisma or years of experience. And it is not a title on your business card or the bottom of your email signature. True leadership is how you manage state and how you show up each day. It is not what you say, it is what you do.

Andrew delivers a range of leadership programs from one on one coaching through to executive teams or the entire organisation.

The Individual – High Performance Coaching (HPC)
HPC is Andrew’s premium coaching offering. As coach and confidante to a number of Australia’s leading CEO’s and executives, elite athletes and performing artists – he is regarded as one of the world’s leading performance strategists.
An exclusive offering only available to 15 leaders or executives each year. HPC blends human performance science; performance psychology; neuroscience; rigorous physical and psychological assessments; quantified nutrition, recovery and productivity analysis and wearable technology.

Andrew will teach you to manage your body and brain with a set of performance metrics, just like you manage your business or financial portfolio. Two approaches, one outcome:

1. Accelerate

90-day intensive where you are taken through all of the IP and processes to get you performing at your peak and consciously able to manage/shift state. No program is the same.

2. Driven

12-month accountability/reinforcement program that keeps you in the optimum performance zone. Pre-requisite to enrol is you graduate from Accelerate or have participated in Andrew’s PQ (Performance Intelligence) leadership program.

HPC is for high achievers who want to:

  • Be challenged to be the absolute best they can be
  • Harness the latest human performance science
  • Have a trusted confidante
  • Tap into the fountain of youth and stay younger, longer
  • Stay motivated, energised and inspired

HPC is sold primarily through word of mouth and Andrew abides by the Coaching Psychology Code of Ethics (meaning all information is confidential and he will never tell you who he is coaching). Prices start at $15,000 + GST (paid in full) and commitment is minimum 12 months.


The Team – Performance Intelligence (PQ)
PQ Leadership program is a guaranteed* way to create alignment, mutual accountability, shared learning and enhanced trust. Build individual performance as a foundation, then focus on the team. Andrew will equip your leaders to develop leadership capacity (managing time, energy and attention) and leadership capability (skills). Leadership has never been more challenging.
What used to be the exception is now the rule with faster turn-around time; increased customer and organisational expectations; constant threat of disruption; digital transformation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence; constant connectivity and a truly global marketplace. Add to that, consumer trust is at an all-time low. Agility, innovation, foresight and the ability to navigate ambiguity are essential skills for leaders and progressive teams. Leaders need a different skill set. Leaders need PQ.

PQ, the next ‘big thing’ in human performance, is the culmination of:

MatchFit: stimulating your body and brain to be in peak shape for the challenges of work and life.

WorkFit: minimising distractions and freeing up your diary, managing time and attention, future-proofing your career/organisation.

LeaderFit: focusing on what it takes to lead others.

Guaranteed Results* – 1, 3, 6, 20, 25 and Glue

PQ Leadership program guarantees the following results:

  • 1 hour less stress per day
  • 3 years younger (Bioage)
  • 6 hours extra capacity each week
  • 20% increase in energy
  • 25% increase in life satisfaction
  • Glue = enhanced teamwork, camaraderie and engagement

*Requires program to be leader-led and 80% participation 

PQ is for leaders/executives who:

  • Need to build or sustain a high-performance culture
  • Are committed to enhancing the physical and psychological wellbeing of their team
  • Want to establish trust as the bedrock of their organisation
  • Want to improve their team’s mood regulation, brain function, information processing, decision making, emotional regulation, creativity and innovation
  • Are committed to sustaining performance, avoiding burnout, and at the same time showing they really care about their team

PQ is a 12-month curriculum that involves a 3-month intensive, then a 9-month accountability structure.  Programs start @ $65,000 + GST.

The Entire Company – Keystone Habits

Keystone Habits is a cultural change program that focuses on the key habits and behaviours that trigger wide-spread change and influence how people in the organisation work and live. Keystone Habits start a process, which over-time, changes everything. They shift, dislodge and remake other patterns. 

Company-wide programs can be targeted at individuals and teams to:
  • Enhance wellbeing
  • Create and embed Keystone Habits
  • Embed with company-specific training curriculum
  • Align with your high potential leadership development programs
  • Embed in all company events and offsites
  • Build a tailored learning curriculum across your organisation, tailored to the needs of specific leaders, team managers and workers

This program includes a structured approach where we first undertake a Wellbeing Audit to assess what you are currently doing, clarify goals and program metrics; then we work out a communications strategy to link the program to your business/people strategy; followed by program launch and a range of assessments/metrics used to establish baseline data; then a tailored program for all three levels of the organisation (executive, middle manager, broader team); options for licensing model and internal train-the-trainer delivery.

Keystone Habits is for organisations who:

  • Are serious about minimising stress/mental health claims and supporting employees to flourish
  • Want to achieve a major breakthrough in employee engagement
  • Want to attain, or keep, Employer of Choice status
  • Believe physical and psychological wellbeing is a fundamental part of their organisation’s fabric
  • Show they truly care about their employees as people

Keystone Habits is a highly tailored program and the investment is dependent on program design.  An initial Wellbeing Audit and program design starts at $30,000 + GST

Get in touch to discuss your leadership programs.

“Andrew May is one of the best speakers I have seen on the circuit, blending science and rigour with personal experience and fun. Truly a class act”.

Nick Hawkins, IAG

Andrew is one of the most versatile speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. We can position him in front of executives, diverse multicultural audiences, millennials and the toughest of crowds. He delivers every-single-time”.

NSW Chairman, KPMG

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