Human Performance Assessment

High Performance Coaching (HPC)

Blending degrees in Exercise Physiology (the body); a Masters in Coaching Psychology (the brain); currently undertaking a PHD linking Performance Intelligence (PQ) to leadership capacity (body and brain); previous coach of national sporting teams and Olympic athletes; successful entrepreneur and former KPMG Partner – Andrew’s coaching style intertwines a unique blend of sports performance, cutting-edge science and real-world business experience.

Harnessing the Science of Human Performance

HPC blends physiological Performance Markers (blood profile, hormone levels, liver function, white blood cell count and inflammatory markers); with exercise physiology, performance psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, medicine/pathology; combined with cutting-edge wearable technology to track sleep, steps, sitting time, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, HRV (Heart Rate Variability); plus sleep pods, sensory deprivation devices, neurofeedback (EEG’s) and full body DEXA scanning; with Andrew’s coaching experience, accountability processes and  his unique style of TLC (Tough Love Coaching). 

At any one time, Andrew and his team have the capacity for 15 people on this program. Prices start at $15,000 + GST (paid in full) and commitment is minimum 12 months.

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