Human Performance Lab

“Working closely with Dr Tom Buckley and a global team of experts, we have researched how to best unlock human performance”.

Human Performance Lab (HPL) is the incubator where Andrew and Dr Tom (Associate Professor, Sydney University) road test all things ‘human performance,’ before rolling them out to executive clients and incorporating in corporate, public and online programs.

The HPL evolved from regular monthly cycling meetings to what is now a fully-functioning research centre, producing evidence-based and public-based research.

The HPL is where we experiment, tinker, trial and toil – until we get it right. From nutrition principles including metabolic flexibility, ketosis, intermittent fasting and chasing the Holy Grail (losing fat and building muscle); to physical activity challenges like swimming the English Channel, running the North Face 100 or Seasonal Fitness; strategic recovery techniques including cold water therapy, cryotherapy and, yoga; through to sensory deprivation chambers and neurofeedback to alter physical and psychological state to induce flow and accelerate learning. The HPL keeps us on our toes, keeps us engaged, and ensures we practice what we preach.

High Performance Coaching (HPC)

Blending degrees in Exercise Physiology (the body); a Masters in Coaching Psychology (the brain); currently undertaking a PHD linking Performance Intelligence (PQ) to leadership capacity (body and brain); previous coach of national sporting teams and Olympic athletes; successful entrepreneur and former KPMG Partner – Andrew’s coaching style intertwines a unique blend of sports performance, cutting-edge science and real-world business experience.

Harnessing the Science of Human Performance

HPC blends physiological Performance Markers (blood profile, hormone levels, liver function, white blood cell count and inflammatory markers); with exercise physiology, performance psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, medicine/pathology; combined with cutting-edge wearable technology to track sleep, steps, sitting time, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, HRV (Heart Rate Variability); plus sleep pods, sensory deprivation devices, neurofeedback (EEG’s) and full body DEXA scanning; with Andrew’s coaching experience, accountability processes and  his unique style of TLC (Tough Love Coaching). 

At any one time, Andrew and his team have the capacity for 15 people on this program. Prices start at $15,000 + GST (paid in full) and commitment is minimum 12 months.

Research Institute
The Research Institute’s vision is to be global leaders in the synthesis, application and translation of evidence to wellbeing, productivity and leadership. With excellence at the core of this vision and using the principles of evidence-based practice (EBP), we integrate individual expertise with the best available evidence from systematic research.
The Institute collaborates with leaders in their fields (including experts in medicine, sleep, genetics, ageing, sport science, exercise physiology, elite sport, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, leadership and workplace productivity) to conduct empirical research that examines biological, psychosocial and functional factors that underpin optimal human performance, leadership and wellbeing.

The Research Institute is overseen by Dr Tom Buckley and me and focuses on 4 key research activities:

  1. Application of up-to-date research evidence to all Andrew May and products, to ensure activities offered have a strong, defensible, evidence-base.
  2. Fostering research partnerships that enhance both application/translation and generation of evidence to Research Institute products and offerings.
  3. Publishing empirical research that contributes to the broader scientific knowledge on human performance, wellbeing, productivity and leadership.
  4. Utilising quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to evaluate offerings and products from Andrew May and 


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Andrew has dual degrees in the body and brain – completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Coaching Psychology. He has recently commenced a PHD exploring the DNA of what makes a successful and fulfilled high-performance leader. 

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