“Due to constant demand I have created a range of inspiring public programs and online courses.”

Andrew’s latest Human Performance program will wake you up to a better way of living and working Invest 2.5 days focused on wellbeing, productivity and living with purpose to take your energy levels, passion and fulfillment to an entirely new level.

More than two decades in the making. HPA combines Andrew’s experience as an elite athlete and performance coach of Olympic athletes and national sporting teams, studying the body and brain and a PHD in linking the two together, building and selling three successful businesses and delivering corporate programs for literally tens of thousands of individuals around the word.


Day 1

Is all about the Body and Brain and getting you MatchFit. Andrew will take you through the latest science specific to nutrition and energy levels; sleep and recovery; goal setting and developing a growth mindset; neuroplasticity and tapping into the fountain of youth.

Day 2

It’s all about Productivity and Career and teaching you the skills to be WorkFit. Ramp up productivity through implementing Andrew’s proven 8 Day Week methodology; minimise time wasted on email, in pointless meetings and on unnecessary social media; how to find passion in your career; proven process to build your skillset and advance in work; how to invest wisely and spend less than you earn.

Day 3

Is all about Purpose and Connection. Everything wraps together once you clarify your personal Purpose and enhance vitality and connection by growing your tribe and connecting with your community. 

Every week Andrew is asked two or three times to have a coffee and chat with someone who is wanting to get know the secrets to breaking into keynote speaking, developing a corporate workshop series, coaching CEO’s and elite athletes, launching their own blog, writing a book and securing a publishing deal, creating digital assets and assessment tools, being positioned as an expert and regularly appearing on media, producing a podcast, creating information products and online programs that make money while you sleep, how to sell a business, and the list goes on.

How did Andrew build a multi-million revenue only 6 months after leaving KPMG as a full- time employee? Well, there are no so-called secrets. But there is a proven methodology that Andrew has learned and applied.

Andrew will take you through how he:

  • Built a global keynote speaking business
  • Coaches CEO’s and top performers in sport and entertainment
  • Secured a multi-book publishing deal on the backbone of first self-publishing
  • Developed a digital wellbeing platform that is now used across the globe
  • Secured regular media appearances every month
  • Launched one of the most popular new performance-related podcasts
  • Created a suite of information products specific to wellbeing, productivity, and leadership
  • Built two companies from the ground up and sold them to ACCOR and KPMG

Learn how to:

  • Create fresh IP and come up with new content
  • Stay fit, healthy and fresh while running your own business/startup/side hustle
  • Position yourself as a highly paid expert (including a few years ago how he doubled his rates and tripled his bookings)
  • Write attention seeking blogs, articles, social media posts, white papers and books
  • Access the gig economy to design logos and branding, create a presentation, produce awesome content for social media
  • Social media stuff
  • Set up administration systems and processes to make sure you stop chasing your tail
  • Play it safe first and set up a side hustle while still maintaining your current full-time job
  • Take control of accounts and expenses

This 2-day intensive will give you all the skills you need to make money from being a speaker, author, coach, trainer, podcaster. It might even set you up to sell your business for millions of dollars. Whether you want to start a side hustle for now, or are committed to going all in and creating a 7-figure practice.

Certified Performance Coaching (CPC) has been created by Andrew May and former International Coaching Federationn (ICF) Australia President, John Raymond. CPC will provide you with the knowledge, templates and coaching tools to give you everything you need to launch or accelerate your current coaching business. Pre-requisite to attending CPC is completion of Human Performance Academy and completing an online application (we don’t just take anyone into this program – you have to be ready and committed).

This 3-day intensive certification program will help you:

  • Understand the different types of coaching including performance psychology coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, health coaching, life coaching and more
  • Put together coaching programs and the right pricing points to make money and target the right clients
  • Realise how important it is that the chemistry is right between the coach and coachee before you start (and if it isn’t, don’t start the coaching)
  • Implement specific coaching frameworks into your practice including Coaching Dimensions, Active Listening, Powerful Questions, Building Relationships and Trust, Development Pipeline Process, House of Change, GROW Framework, Case Conceptualisation, TTM Behaviour Change Model and more
  • With the templates and coaching processes to help you stay organised and increase your professionalism
  • With marketing templates and give tips on how to fast-track the best way of growing your business (called word of mout

6 Week Shred evolved out of a program I put together with the help of leading nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, neuroscientists and medical experts to get my body and brain in peak shape. Clients, family members and friends asked me what I did to lose fat and build muscle so quickly. They wanted to know if they could do the same. After trialling a modified, more palatable version on a few close friends, and seeing the results they achieved, I knew I had to share it. I’ve teamed up with leading nutritionist Teresa Boyce, so you can benefit from the same results I did. 

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Coming Soon

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