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Fast-track fat loss, improve confidence, and boost energy levels with our science-based 6 Week Shred (6WS). The 6WS evolved out of a program I put together with the help of leading nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and medical experts, to get my body and brain in peak shape. Clients, family members and friends asked me what I did to lose fat and build muscle so quickly. They wanted to know if they could do the same. After trialing a modified, more palatable (and sustainable) version on a few close friends, and seeing the results they achieved, I knew I had to share it. I’ve teamed up with leading nutritionist Teresa Boyce, so you can benefit from the same results I did. Here’s the program, complete with two options.


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Our next 6 Week Shred will kick off in early 2020. Stay tuned for the official start date!


We have been trialling this program behind the scenes to ensure you get the best results possible and achieve the following outcomes:

• Thorough understanding of what it takes to strip fat
• Education on nutrition and meal preparation
• Specific 6WS guidelines including dietary requirements, exercise plans and portion control
• Awareness of the behaviour change process and how to ‘trick your brain’ into success, along with specific tips to stay engaged mid-program
• Confidence to try a range of different meals and eating options
• A proven process with the discipline and accountability needed to optimise results
• Enhanced brain function
• Increased energy levels (your mitochondria will be turbo-charged after 6 weeks)
• Improved sleep, recovery and hormone function
• Strip fat and transform your body shape
• A whole new set of routines and rituals to follow long after 6WS has finished


• Pre and post assessment to track results and build accountability including Bioage; waist and hip measurement; weight; before and after photo (for your records only, unless you want to share on the 6WS Facebook page); daily steps and Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire 
• Pre-Season Plan (week 1) to get your kitchen, your cupboards, your fridge, your diary, your body and your brain ready for the program
• Weekly Meal Plans (week 2 to week 6)
• Weekly Exercise Routines
• Weekly email/post with content-rich information specific to fat loss, fitness and motivation
• A range of nutritious, tasty meals that you can prepare in 15 minutes or less
• 6WS Squad Facebook group – post questions, share learnings and interact with our Nutritionists, Physiologists and Andrew May (joining 6WS Squad is optional if you prefer to remain discrete)





Blending what he has learned through a successful career as a high-performance athlete, coach, entrepreneur and executive, Andrew is one of the world’s leading performance strategists. He brings an inspiring, evidence-based approach to helping people live better, work better and lead better. Andrew presents inspiring keynotes around the globe and his latest venture StriveStronger.com is disrupting the way organisations approach wellbeing, productivity and leadership. He appears regularly on TV, radio and in the press, and has written four previous books, including the international bestseller Flip the Switch and the soon to be released MatchFit. Andrew is coach and confidante to a number of Australia’s leading CEO’s and executives, elite athletes and performing artists.



• 6WS online (includes all of the above, valued at $330)
• One on one coaching session (face-toface or phone/video conference) with one of our Nutritionists to discuss your specific nutrition, exercise and lifestyle needs (valued at $600)







Teresa is a registered nutritionist with a passion for educating and inspiring others to make healthy changes that will have a positive long-lasting difference on their lives. She the head of nutrition at StriveStronger as well as being the onsite nutritionist at Natural Therapy Associates. Teresa specialises in a range of health issues including obesity, diabetes/prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, sports nutrition, stress and anxiety. As well as her clinical work, Teresa presents workshops motivating individuals and groups with fitness and wellness challenges for a variety of corporate clients. Teresa regularly appears on Weekend Sunrise and writes about a variety of health and nutrition topics for Fitness First magazine, Taste Online, Women’s Health and Fitness, Prevention magazine and Body & Soul. Enrolment Details



3 Responses to “6 week shred”

  1. Tereza

    I’m keen to start the next program on 8 July. With regard to the exercise plans, are you able to tell me a bit more about what they cover. I’m a bit more restricted given a back issue and only walk and have recently started back at yoga. I have no problem doing the 12,000 steps daily. Thanks Tereza

    • andrew

      Hi Tereza, we offer a range of exercise sessions from low to high impact so that participants of any level can participate. The beginner set begins with mobility and range of movement / stretching exercises and would probably be the most appropriate level for you. If you are in recovery or rehabilitation, we do recommend that you exercise within the scope of your rehabilitation plan and moderate the level of additional exercise accordingly. Previous participants have found that the structure that 6WS provides has assisted them in focusing their exercise and nutrition regime, which is an important first step. Hopefully this has answered your questions, it would be great to have you on board!


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