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Andrew May will provide you with strategies to do more, be more and create lasting change.

Andrew May is recognised as one of the worlds leading performance strategists and leadershp coaches. A best-selling author. In-demand keynote speaker. Leadership and transformation specialist. CEO and founder of StriveStronger.com.

Andrew's vision is to put you, and PQ, on the map

Andrew May

Waking you up to a better way of living, working and leading

Andrew May


As Australia’s #1 corporate high performance keynote speaker, Andrew can cover a range of topics from fitness to mental health

Andrew May


Leadership is primarily about influence. How you influence yourself (personal mastery) and how you positively influence others. Leadership is not what you say, it is what you do.

Andrew May


Andrew is coach and confidante to a number of CEO's, executives, entrepreneurs athletes and entertainers. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading performance strategists.

Andrew May


Due to popular demand, Andrew has developed a range of public programs including Human Performance Academy, Entrepreneur Bootcamp and Certified Performance Coach to help a broad range of people achieve their full potential.

Andrew May


Fast-track fat loss, improve confidence, and boost energy levels with our science-based 6 Week Shred (6WS). The average participant loses over 4kg of fat, reduces waist measurement by 7cm and increases energy levels by 25%.

Andrew May


MatchFit is the complete guide to getting your body and brain in the best possible shape for work and for life. This inspiring book is the culmination of Andrew's twenty years of experience as an elite athlete, academic and entrepreneur.

Andrew May


MF8 (MatchFit in 8 Weeks) is an online curriculum harnessing high-performance strategies to help you optimise your life in six key areas: MOVE, FUEL, RECHARGE, CONNECT, THINK and PLAY. Available in both corporate and B2C formats.

Andrew May


The Andrew May Podcast delves into conversations with world-class experts in a range of fields including sport, wellbeing, business, science and entertainment. Exploring how high performers strive stronger, overcome adversity and keep evolving to reach their full potential.

Andrew May


By Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley

MatchFit is the complete guide to getting your body and brain in the best possible shape for work, and for life.

This inspiring book is the culimination of Andrew May's twenty years of experience as an elite athlete and fitness trainer for some of the world's best athletes; studying the body (Exercise Physiology) and the brain (Coaching Pyschology); working with a variety of clients including elite athletes, military, entrepreneurs, business leaders and entire organisations; and life experience.

Andrew May

Andrew May has a unique background in professional sport, academia, business and high performance coaching which allows him to cut through and ask simple, yet profound questions, that inspire individuals and entire organisations to reach their full potential

Andrew has worked with multiple Olympic/international athletes, has dual degrees in Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Coaching Psychology. He also has built and sold 3 successful businesses

He is author of the bestselling books, and a regular segment on ABC News breakfast and appears across multiple media platforms incuding TV, radio, printed publications and online

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Andrew May
Andrew May